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What Service We Provide


Management of symptoms including breathing difficulties and wheezing, with a focus on environmental triggers.


Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for reactions to common allergens such as dust, pets, pollen, and food.

Cardiovascular Disease

Prevention and treatment for heart conditions, including monitoring and managing risk factors.

Dermatology & Skin Checks

Comprehensive skin cancer assessments and regular monitoring.

Diabetic Care

Personalized management plans to control blood sugar levels and prevent complications.

Family Planning

Contraception advice and procedures, including implant and IUD insertions/removals.

Bulk Billing available

Onsite Facilities

Non-medicare card holders

Women’s Health

Annual health checks and advice tailored to women’s specific health needs.

Iron Infusion

Treatment for iron deficiency with intravenous iron therapy.

GP Management Plans

Tailored health plans and team care arrangements for chronic conditions.

Health Assessments

Regular check-ups to detect early signs of illness and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Vaccinations to protect against various diseases, ensuring community health.

Men’s Health

Comprehensive health checks for men, focusing on prevention and lifestyle improvement.

Mental Health Treatment Plans

Long-term management of mental health conditions.

Nutritional Advice

Guidance on balanced diets to prevent and manage health conditions.


 Health care for infants, children, and adolescents, focusing on development and well-being.

Pre-Pregnancy Care

Assessments and advice to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Travel Clinic

Preventative care and vaccinations for safe travel.